what is kids jamm?

kids jamm was born out of the understanding that children love to play. As a company, we desire to encourage them to find their unique path to move mindfully through life.  

Using the tools of mindful movement and meditation, we create spaces that nurture the whole child and celebrate the energetic joy and creative freedom of childhood.  

Our program teaches children how to recognize their emotional triggers, harness their energy and redirect it into focused action to achieve their goals.

Connection + Reflection

Our children may not always listen to us, yet their behavior always reflects our words and actions.

  • Our Mission

    To inspire children and their families to move mindfully through life by sharing the tools of mindful movement and meditation.

  • Our Vision

    For all children to freely explore who they are at their core using movement and meditation as a guide to their limitless potential, moving mindfully through life with ease and joy.

  • Our Values

    Service to Others


By modeling the desired behaviors and tapping into each child’s unique personality and learning style, kids jamm™ classes encourage:

• Self-awareness
• Self-regulation
• Conflict resolution
• Empathy for others
• Mindful decision-making
• Increased focus and Concentration
• Relationship building

kids jamm yoga mats