Introducing Parent Coaching: The Legacy of Love Experience

Nubia Lives Yoga LLC is most known for our "kids jamm" family yoga classes. Since COVID the "kids jamm" brand has shifted to an online, on-demand video model. 

As an expansion of "kids jamm" and a response to the mental health challenges compounded by the pandemic, I created the "Legacy of Love Experience" parent coaching program. Based on our L.O.V.E. H.E.A.L.S. framework, I coach caregivers and teachers who are looking to heal their intergenerational trauma to better connect with themselves and support the children in their life with co-regulation, in order to create a legacy of love.

Using my training in breathwork, meditation, yoga and movement, coupled with my experience as a Pre-K-12 educator, trained circle keeper and relatability as a parent, I guide clients through the L.O.V.E. H.E.A.L.S. framework for transformation. This includes identifying self-sabotaging habits, establishing boundaries, reframing negative thoughts, creating safety and secure attachment, developing a routine, nutrition planning, reflection and integration. 

Let's change the world one heart at time! Click the link below to schedule a 15 min discovery call with me to support you in creating a legacy of love with yourself and the children in your life: